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Training Courses

Our 7 Day Training Courses are held monthly and enrollment can be a two to three month waiting period. Continued education courses are extended one to  three day workshops which are offered to experienced technicians. Classes are purposely kept small because of the nature of the business and performance is maintained through the services of a minimum of four instructors. The classes are “hands on” and student’s models are jointly provided by the school as well as the local students and scheduled by the administration staff.

The Micro-Pigmentation Centre’s course covers all standard procedures for eyeliner, eyebrows and lips plus instructions on color theory and mixing, practicing sterilization guidelines and cross contamination control as in force by the Centre for Disease Control in Atlanta Georgia and Health Canada in Ottawa Ontario. Machine operating and instruction is covered plus client management including waiver forms and post procedure care information. One of the latest trends in cosmetic tattooing is MicroBlading of which we offer our 8 day training course.

The close of each day wraps up with a review of the day by the head instructor and students insofar as concerns to be addressed, weaknesses to be worked on for the next day and strengths to be shared amongst the group.

The camaraderie of these students from around the world, forge long term relationships amongst each other, and the bond of friendship that is formed with the amiable and personable instructors is as inevitable as the results of the training course itself. The accolades that are sent in the form of thank you cards, hand written notes and e-mails are kept by the school as a souvenir of time well spent, a job well done and as a reminder of the parting tears of some, at course end.

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