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Micro-Pigmentation Centre Teaching Staff

Each teacher in the company is CPCP Certified and has their own teaching style but adhere to the MicroMethod©  teaching process that has been instrumental in turning out top caliber graduates for over the past two decades.

The format has been designed by head instructor Pat Shibley-Gauthier, CPCP and has been honed over 30 years of evolvement in the Cosmetic Tattooing industry, 25 of those years as a teacher.

With each teacher on the “same song sheet” so to speak, it ensures that each student is getting consistent instruction following the schools educational program.

The team works in tandem, touching the students with their style, personality and anecdotes of past classes and the camaraderie amongst them is infectious to the entire class.

The instructors are responsible for the maximum class size of 8 students providing a minimum of a 2 to 1 ratio, and on the occasion that there are fewer students that ratio increases.

The MicroMethod© is based on the premise of “Quality Training Programs” that teaches that all work is a process, regardless of your job function. If you do A, B & C it will always result in D something that is extra important in the Permanent Makeup industry. If you deviate from the format then you will not always achieve the desired results.

It is a formula that works well and allows the teachers of the Micro-Pigmentation Centre to turn out some of the best Permanent Makeup technicians in the industry.

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