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Live Online Training: 3D Areola/Nipple Re-Pigmentation with Guest Instructor Jeanine McTasney CPCP, FAAM

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Areola/Nipple 3D Re-Pigmentation Workshop with Jeanine McTasney
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What the course will provide

 • 2 days live with Jeanine McTasney

• Live color theory with Patricia Shibley
• Real-time feedback and instruction
• Advanced areola training kit shipped directly to you
• Certification
• Safe e-learning
• Optional group classroom or remote attendance
• Facilitated by Micro-Pigmentation Centre
• BONUS COURSE OFFER: additional introductory online course (4-6 hours)
Kits Include:
⁃ Free Shipping in Canada and USA
⁃ 3 manuals (Jeanine McTasney, Micro-Pigmentation Centre, SPCP)
⁃ Advanced areola/nipple artist coloring guide
⁃ MicroPigments guide
⁃ All educational & practice materials
⁃ Hands-on practice on life-like skins and breast mounds
⁃ All procedural supplies during course
⁃ MicroPigments Areola Kit
Certificate and ongoing support provided upon completion of course.

Fine print:
• $500 deposit required to hold your registration.
• Remaining balance due two weeks prior to class.
• Access to introductory online training and live virtual training will not be granted until
course is paid in full.
• Kits will not be shipped until course is paid in full.
• Free shipping on kits in Canada and USA.

Jeanine McTasney: Instructor Bio :

Jeanine McTasney CPCP, FAAM, has been working in the aesthetics industry since 1982. Refining her skills in her successful private practice led her to become a successful, world-renowned Restorative Tattooist. As the direct referral technician for several Breast Cancer Centers across the United States, she continues to enjoy a successful and rewarding career while priding herself on the positive impact she has had in the lives of cancer survivors.


She has been teaching basic fundamental education since 2005 and has begun to expand her educational output to select advanced students who want to learn her specialty, 3D areola/nipple re-pigmentation.

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