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Nouveau Contour #1-Point Liner Needle Cartridge

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Nouveau Contour Needles-4

The Disposable Needle Cartridge contains the needle and the needle "tube" combined in one disposable cartridge. Internal diaphrams halt and prevent fluid and airborne contaminents from entering the hand piece. Easy-Click attachment makes loading and unloading cartridge in a split-second. Automatic retraction of the needle tip when machine is turned off eliminates cross contamination from an accidental " stick" to the technician or client. Simple needle depth adjustment integral in hand piece -Patented Design - Sterilized packaging - Disposable

The 1-Point Regular Needle is 0.25MM in diameter

Suitable for fine hair strokes and detailed lines, such as lip corners. Remain watchful against signs of scarring and do not inject the pigment too deeply to avoid too dark a color

Sold in boxes of 15  or in sleeves of 5 pack  minimum quantity