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MicroLash Training & Kit Bundle

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MicroLash Training & Kit Bundle

Become a certified lash technician!

This bundle includes access to the MicroLash online training course with certification. Once registered, we will send you a full MicroLash Lift & Tint kit, which includes 6-12 client procedures for you to lash and learn.

The course includes HD video tutorials in 5 easy steps, as well as Pre-Procedure and Post-Procedure training, forms, templates, and quizzes. Upon completion of your course, you'll submit before and after pictures of your lash model to our team for feedback and approval. A hard copy certificate is included with your course.

Your kit details:

- Sodium Bromate Free!
- 6-12 procedures per kit
- $700 - $1200+ in revenue per kit
- Lasts 6-8 weeks
- Fastest perming & setting solutions in the industry (only 3-5 minutes each)
- Bold, pre-mixed tint included
- Easy-to-follow bilingual instructions included
- Bonus eyelash brush for each client
- 3 sizes of reusable MicroGuides
- All applicators, brushes, tools included
- MicroGel Petals hydrate with Vitamin C and Aloe Vera
- Personalized, ongoing support and service
- Access to Online Training Course