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Meta Jet FX100

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Meta Jet FX100

Meta-Ject FX-100

 Meta-Ject FX-100 / Easy. Pre-Programmed. Unique. The ultimate level of anti-ageing.

 The new Meta-Ject FX-100 brings the standards for skin rejuvenation to the ultimate level. Fully digital and pre-programmed, the new device allows you to focus on treatment. Step-by-Step, the LCD screen indicates the actions per zone with the corresponding module, speed and coverage. Achieve even more intensive results in the same time through increased perforations per second up to 150 jects per second.


The complete set consists of:

• Control unit

• Hand piece

• Adapter

• Foot switch

• Hand piece holder


Control unit

 The control unit is fully digital and pre-programmed. Pre-settings for face, neck/décolleté, fine lines and frown lines. The program shows you exactly the zone to work with which movement and module. The Jects per second are pre-set. It also gives the possibility to change settings manually. Jects per seconds can be changed also inpre-settings. The control panel is completely flat and consequently no dirt can become trapped behind the buttons or rims, which helps to ensure a hygienic working environment. The LCD display shows settings, zones, modules, Jps and movements.

   Three connection points are found on the backside of the unit:

1.            Connection point for the hand piece

2.            Connection point for the adapter

3.            Connection point for the foot pedal

 The front panel offers the following functions:

1.            Preset Face

2.            Preset Neck/Décolleté

3.            Preset Fine Lines

4.            Preset Frown Lines

5.            On/off button

6.            Set button (choose pre-settings)

7.            In-/decrease Frequency from 70 up to 150

8.            Frequency Display

9.            Start/pause button