The Medical Association
The Micro-Pigmentation Centre is heavily involved with the Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgeons and their societies.
Specific pigment colors have been developed for both fields such as the Camouflage Series of skin colors for the cosmetic surgeons who will use it to mask certain scars that are partially seen in the hair line. Then there is the Areola Series for the reconstructive surgeons who do breast restoration after a mastectomy.
In the early years one particular doctor took the company under his wing and educated the organization on the medical side of the business. The relationship with Doctor Micheal Drever, an internationally renowned plastic surgeon and creator of the tram flap procedure for breast reconstruction, has been a long and mutually beneficial association. Working with him, the company developed a specific needle grouping to be used in surgical machines in the operating room and in his honor named the needles The Drever. At his request, Pat Gauthier has consulted with him in the O.R. on areola tattooing using the tattoo machine, a procedure that he previously did by placing a smear of pigment under the skin during the operation
Cosmetic tattooing for medical applications allows for the camouflaging and masking of certain scars plus the re-pigmentation of the areola for post breast reconstruction surgery. It is also a lucrative addition to a medical clinic, medical spa and salon’s bottom line as a service that offers individuals the ability to wake up in the morning with a portion of their make-up already applied. Eyebrows for the thinning brow, eyeliner for the accent to the eyes and lips with full color will give you an idea of a few of the benefits it provides.
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