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The Micro-Pigmentation Centre’s pigment line, which is formulated in house from FDA approved ingredients, boasts 83 colors for cosmetic and medical tattooing. Specialized colors such as The Signature Series, Pure + Vivid Collection, Harmonizer Series, Crown Color Scalp Series and the MicroBlading Series, medical colors for Camouflage and for 3D Areola re-pigmentation colors are widely used in hospitals and by plastic surgeons post breast reconstruction. A large number of patients that are referred to the company are looking for assistance to correct colors that have changed in the skin, a fairly common occurrence. The Correction Series of pigments such as Grey Gone, Blue Buster for Lips, Red Out and Blue Brow Corrector have been specifically designed to neutralize and correct these changes.

As an international guest speaker at Esthetic Trade Shows and Permanent Make-up Conferences, and as an invited visitor to Plastic Surgeons meetings, Pat Gauthier has put aside many of the myths associated with pigment colors; what is approved for use and what is not approved. The information she shares provides an understanding on the cause and effect of how pigments interact with different skin types, why they fade and who are not candidates for tattooing. Color theory and mixing formulation are covered in the company’s standard training courses and discusses many color related issues such as the effects of melanin, the body’s most important natural pigment, which influences skin tone and the final appearance of the procedure.

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