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Hydra Guard Hydration Analyzer

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Hydra Guard Hydration Analyzer
Advice and analysis are the basis of any Meta Therapy  treatment and skincare consultation. The Hydra Guard supports the professional skin analysis by the therapist with BIA Technology, (Bioelectrical Impedance Analyses) a widely used method for estimating body hydration. The Hydra Guard measures the moisture in the skin and gives more insight into the condition of the skin. Ideal for measuring the results of the treatment –before and after- to show the increased hydration
Basic Operation
1 Make sure the skin area is clean, dry and shaven
2 Release the lid
3 Press the " ” button to switch on the power with one short beep
4 Wait until the LCD display shows a constant "00,0%” and two beeps are heard.
5 The Hydra Guard is now ready for measuring
6 To perform another check, press the "O” button, and then repeat steps 4-5 above.
7 Gently wipe the surface of the front with a soft cloth or tissue soaked in  70% alcohol after each measurement.