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  • Are the training course scheduled every day or on only on certain weeks?

The 5 day training course is scheduled once a month on certain weeks.

  • Can I do procedures and make money right after training ?

Yes you are fully qualified because our training course is completely " hands on " working on model provided by the Academy.
  • Do I need to bring models when I register for a training class?

No, the Micro-Pigmentation Centre,Inc. schedules all models for each registered student.  If you wish to bring one of your own models please notify us at any point in time prior to the start of your course.
  • Do you have financing for training courses?

Yes, we are associated with Medicard who would be able to set up your financing.
  • Does permanent make up hurt?

We have very effective topical anesthetics that alleviates any pain.  If someone should feel any discomfort it is only for a few moments at the very beginning of the procedure.
  • Will I learn how to do a simulated hairstroke during the training course?

Yes, you will learn how to do a shaded in eyebrow and also the feathered hairstroke

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