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Cell Recovery Skincare Set

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Cell Recovery Skincare Set

Cell Recovery Skincare Set

Dermatude multi-product skincare routine.

Different products are formulated to address different issues. Following a full routine will ensure that you skin is properly
cleansed, moisturized and treated to give you the best results as fast as possible. Investing only 3 minutes, twice a day
can improve skin dramatically.
To make sure skin is properly treated to reach optimum results, we recommend 5 steps:
1. Cleanse with the Oxygen Boost Cleanser
2. Tone & restore PH Balance with Oxygen Boost Toner
3. Eye care with Lifting Eye Drops or Firming Eye Boost
4. Moisturize nourish & protect with the serums & Day/night creams
5. Twice weekly deep cleanse with Enzym Peel & nourish extra with the masks
The Lifting Eye Drops & Firming Eye Boost has a lighter texture than the creams, which are richer. These heavier products
would prevent eye cream from absorbing effectively and giving you the results you desire. The serums have a high
concentration of active ingredients. Their light texture delivers nutrients faster and deeper into the skin than a cream can.
Creams are always last because of their texture. The general rule is this: the heavier the texture, the later it should be
Hydrating skincare set

Cell Recovery skincare set
• Oxygen Boost Cleanser
• Oxygen Boost Toner
• Cell Recovery serum
• Cell recovery cream
• Lifting Eye Boost