1 Day MicroBrow Mapping and Patterning

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1 Day MicroBrow Mapping and Patterning
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Master the art of creating symmetrical eyebrows. Time is money and you need to be efficient and confident in drawing your client’s brows in a timely manner. The BrowOodle workshop specializes in eyebrow shaping and designing. This 1 day course is included as an essential part of our fundamental seven-day Permanent Makeup and MicroBlading classes and is also available as a stand-alone one-day course for technicians wishing to perfect eyebrow mapping.  Perfected to be the best course curriculum to reduce time and hesitation in drawing on client eyebrows

Once shaping and designing is perfected our course moves one step further and perfects patterning and hair strokes on practice pad work. Our course fees include all pigment guidelines, brow stencils, pattern worksheets and a buffet lunch.

Take Home Tool Bonus:: MicroBrow Bow, Eyebrow Pencils, MicroMirror, MicroSharpener and MicroTweezers

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