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Harmonizer Collection "Blue Lip"

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Blue Lip Harmonizer

The re-branding of Micro-Pigmentation Centre’s time proven corrector pigments into the Harmonized Series name was made to highlight Micro’s group of colors used to correct mistakes and morphed colors in the skin. They are the key to achieving "happy” color results on your client’s "unhappy "results. The Centre’s passion and dedication to manufacturing high-grade pigments, anesthetics and procedural techniques is your partner for all your procedures. Micro-Pigmentation Centre has been formulating pigments since 1992 and is considered a leader in pigment education.High grade quality powders and dispersing solutions and proprietary formulations guarantees 83 pigments you can trust.

Use this color to tattoo over previously tattooed lips that have turned blue.. As a prevention, add it to lip colors

The 1/2 oz. bottles come with Micro-Pigmentation Centre's security seal and a "twist to lock" convenient dispensing cap