Areola Tattooing

Areola tattooing completes the journey for the many cancer survivors who have had mastectomies followed by beast reconstruction.

Approximately one out of nine, to one out of thirteen women who reach age ninety, are affected by breast cancer. It is the second most fatal cancer in women (after lung cancer), and the number of cases has significantly increased since the 1970s, a phenomenon partly blamed on modern lifestyles in the Western world. Each year millions of women face the reality of breast cancer and it is the leading cause of death in women in their 40’s. More and more women are choosing surgery and consider breast reconstruction.

This two workshop is comprised of a powerful Power Point presentation that describes in detail the many aspects of areola tattooing, The students are taught to work with lowlights and highlights as a drawing, practicing the actual drawing of the areola and the nipple bump. The next step is to practice with a tattoo machine to transfer that knowledge to skin like material

The workshop encompasses all aspects of nipple areola tattooing which includes the drawing of the actual areolas, the most effective tattoo application technique, setting of boundaries, needle choice and size, color matching to the surviving breast and post care requirements.

In addition, the forum will provide an education on the process, so that you the technician, is as aware of the procedure as is the client. It is important to know what they have experienced so that they have the confidence in you to allow you to take this final journey with them.

Each year a cancer survivor volunteers herself as a model on whom a demonstration of the actual procedure and technique is be performed on a uni-lateral reconstruction.

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