Special workshops are held on Areola Nipple Complex Tattooing, a client service that is the final phase of breast reconstruction. Women who have overcome breast cancer surgery, one of the worst journeys in their life, can regain their body image and self esteem through breast reconstruction and nipple areola tattooing, a vital aspect of breast cancer management.

Approximately one out of nine, to one out of thirteen women who reach age ninety, are affected by breast cancer. It is the second most fatal cancer in women (after lung cancer), and the number of cases has significantly increased since the 1970s, a phenomenon partly blamed on modern lifestyles in the Western world. Each year millions of women face the reality of breast cancer and it is the leading cause of death in women in their 40’s. More and more women are choosing surgery and consider breast reconstruction.

The reconstruction of the nipple areola complex is performed when the surgeon and patient are both satisfied with the final shape and size of the reconstructed breast. There are two ways to reconstruct the nipple areola. One uses a graft from a distant location and the other is tattooing. Graft locations can be from the labia, groin, earlobe or from nipple sharing. Tattooing is generally performed after the nipple has been reconstructed and is the final stage of a complete breast reconstruction.

Reconstruction of the nipple areola complex is an optional procedure and it significantly improves the final appearance of the reconstructed breast. Nipple Areola Tattooing completes the treatments and surgeries. The cosmetic tattoo nurse, doctor or technician is the final stage, and is the person who puts closure to the patient’s journey.

The workshop encompasses all aspects of nipple areola tattooing which includes the drawing of the actual areolas, the most effective tattoo application technique, setting of boundaries, needle choice and size, color matching to the surviving breast, post care requirements and marketing of their services Breast patients are present as models, one for nipple/areola tattooing on breast reconstruction and one on breast augmentation. 

Procedures are performed by Pat Shibley-Gauthier in order to demonstrate the proper implanting techniques. Actual viewing of the tattooing is enhanced through close circuit video transmission. Full interaction between the class, patient and teacher is promoted and encouraged.

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