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ADOREYES Duo Bundle: Plus Brows & Lashes Enhancing Serum with Triple Peptide Complex (6 ml)

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Our serums feature clinically proven ingredients driven by a triple peptide complex to naturally enhance and support all three phases of the eyelash eyebrow growth cycle.

The Biotin-enhanced vitamin complex strengthens and promotes growth by stimulating more keratin cells in the skin dermis. Combined with other vitamins including Panthenol and Calcium Pantothenate, Biotin (Vitamin B7) moisturizes the lashes and eyebrows hair to protect from breakage and dryness.

Created with a blend of amino acids and natural extracts such as pumpkin and grape seeds, this serum helps to fortify, smooth, condition and boost natural collagen production for healthier and long-lasting lashes and bold eyebrows.

Our advanced bio-engineered and nature-driven formula merges the best ingredients so you can discover the beauty of your natural, longer, and thicker lashes.