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Welcome to the Micro-Pigmentation Centre Inc.

The Micro-Pigmentation Centre is regarded as an industry pioneer, a significant authority of quality education and information, and a supplier of superior products. Our facility is headquartered at the Airport Corporate Centre in Toronto, (Mississauga) Ontario, Canada; just minutes from Pearson International Airport.

The Micro-Pigmentation Centre has been a leading cosmetic academy, manufacturer, and distributer of the permanent make-up industry for over 25 years. This established organization is dedicated to producing high quality products and confident, professional students. Our vision is to be the premier choice for all cosmetic estheticians and medical personnel investing in training and/or products across the globe.  

Micro-Pigmentation Centre’s commitment to innovative design, exceptional education, and responsible practices has created an enduring reputation for the company across the cosmetic industry.  

Our History

The company was born from frustrations associated with a fledgling industry with a fleeting reputation. The lack of professionalism, accessible information, appropriate equipment and safety standards created a bleak landscape for the cosmetic tattoo industry. 

Procedural machines in the market had more flash than substance; most unable to deposit the pigment into the dermis layer of the skin. Available colors struggled with retention in the skin, inconsistent quality and had a tendency to dry out - even in the middle of a procedure. Supplies were extremely limited and only available for purchase from conventional body art tattoo suppliers. These suppliers had no interest or knowledge of the aesthetic industry. The lack of machine education and information lead early technicians to purchase poorly-designed equipment with less than satisfactory results. The industry was in need of a supplier who not only had an affinity towards the industry but who was also able to educate technicians in order to make informed decisions on equipment purchasing.

Sterilization was another major issue. Often, gloves were not worn and needles were reused. An uneducated industry depended solely on alcohol for sterilization; which was an irresponsible, ineffective solution.

The Canadian educational market for cosmetic tattooing was simultaneously being overshadowed by a growing, reputable market of teaching facilities based in the United States. The Canadian industry, associated with a poor reputation, struggled to gain positive press.

The company’s founder and expert micropigmentation artist, Pat Gauthier, pursued a journey of self education. Her passion for the cosmetic industry lead her to establish the Micro-Pigmentation Centre in 1992. Through a lengthy evolution and maturation of the business model, she pioneered new ways to develop and promote the professional side of the cosmetic tattooing industry. In essence, she successfully put a new face on a scarred industry - pun intended.

Although initially focused on product development, the company has evolved into a multifaceted, comprehensive micropigmentation resource for cosmetic and medical professionals. Our business model relies on three correlated divisions; education, manufacturing, and distribution. In order to demonstrate the superiority of the product and equipment, the company had to educate the existing cosmetic market. Subsequently, the company organically evolved into an educational facility with a consistently-growing variety of training courses. Today, the Micro-Pigmentation Centre boasts one of the largest, most successful educational facilities in North America academy dedicated to cosmetic and corrective tattoo training.

The Micro-Pigmentation Centre is a leading cosmetic tattooing company located at the Airport Corporate Centre in Toronto, (Mississauga) Ontario, Canada minutes from Pearson International Airport. In business since 1992 the company is a multifaceted corporation with a worldwide reputation for providing quality innovative products to 42 countries. Boasting one of the largest educational facilities in North America which is dedicated exclusively to the teaching of cosmetic & corrective tattooing, it turns out professional international graduates from as far away as Australia.

It is a business the Micro-Pigmentation Centre does well and the company is held in high regard as an industry innovator, a qualified source of information and a supplier of superior products.

The new modern facility has increased its training school capacity as well as its distribution centre for products. A minimum of four instructors on staff utilizing 38 years of combined teaching experience in this field govern each training session of up to 8 students.

To lead is to improvise and change and never to be complacent. If these are the qualities of a leader then the Micro-Pigmentation Centre certainly qualifies for the title.

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