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About Us Page ImageThe Micro-Pigmentation Centre is a leading cosmetic tattooing company located at the Airport Corporate Centre in Toronto, (Mississauga) Ontario, Canada minutes from Pearson International Airport. In business since 1992 the company is a multifaceted corporation with a worldwide reputation for providing quality innovative products to 42 countries. Boasting one of the largest educational facilities in North America which is dedicated exclusively to the teaching of cosmetic & corrective tattooing, it turns out professional international graduates from as far away as Australia.

It is a business the Micro-Pigmentation Centre does well and the company is held in high regard as an industry innovator, a qualified source of information and a supplier of superior products.

The new modern facility has increased its training school capacity as well as its distribution centre for products. A minimum of four instructors on staff utilizing 38 years of combined teaching experience in this field govern each training session of up to 8 students.

Research and Development

To lead is to improvise and change and never to be complacent. If these are the qualities of a leader then the Micro-Pigmentation Centre certainly qualifies for the title.

The company was born out of the frustrations associated with a fledgling industry with a less than stellar reputation. Frustration with the lack of professionalism, the lack of accessible information and in general tools of the trade that were not up to par let alone any particular quality standards.

Machines used to perform procedures had more flash than substance with most unable to deposit the pigment into the dermis layer of the skin. Available colors had poor performance insofar as retention in the skin, inconsistent quality and the tendency to dry out even in the middle of a procedure. Supplies, for the limited selection offered, were to be purchased from conventional body art tattoo suppliers.

Sterilization was not in vogue with the uneducated reusing needles on different patients & clients, not wearing gloves and even believing that disinfectants and alcohol would ward off hepatitis and like diseases.

On the educational front, there were a handful of reputable teaching facilities in the United States but Canada left a lot to be desired. In general, the industry did not come with very high credentials and had a lot of bad press associated with it.

Pursuing a journey of self education, the thirst for knowledge of the company’s founder Pat Gauthier led to many areas in the early years. There were numerous roadblocks which in turn forced directional changes. These changes piloted discoveries and new ways to develop and promote the professional side of the cosmetic tattooing business. In essence, putting on a new face to a scarred industry.

The company would have three divisions - Education - Manufacturing - Distribution. Over the years, the initial necessity that drove the foundation of the company has proven time and time again to be the source of all new products brought to the industry. From a pigment line totally formulated in house and distributed around the world, encompassing many companies who private brand the product and distribute under their own name, to strong topical anesthetics (Canada), to needles developed for use in hospital operating rooms used in the Zimmer & Stryker surgical machines.

The learning journey lead to collaborations with many corporations and individuals who helped educate, and provide direction, including one of the worlds largest manufacturers of pigment powders, and the company’s official supplier for the past 21 years. They helped mold the company’s vision of developing a superior line of cosmetic tattoo pigments that would be safe in the skin, hold true without changing once implanted and support a pallet of colors that had the soft look of aesthetics versus the flamboyant colors of body tattoo pigments. This was to be the first stage of the company, manufacturing.

The second stage was to be equipment and supplies, an area that while not necessarily weak, was definitely confusing to technicians at the time. Most purchases flowed through body tattoo suppliers whose main interest was their core business and who, for the most part, had no interest, and in some cases, no use for the aesthetic industry let alone educating technicians on equipment. Other technicians, because of poor machine education, acquired equipment perceived to be the right choice because it had a needle and made noise but ended in obvious poor results. The industry was in definite need of a supplier who not only had an affinity towards the industry but who was not guarded with their information and who would facilitate stress free purchasing.

With the company’s candidness in sharing knowledge with colleagues in the industry and its growing reputation for turning out quality procedures using advanced techniques, the third phase of the corporation, education as a business, began to unfold, initially through osmosis then by design and the training school was born.

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