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18-pts Facial Module

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18-pts Facial Module

The needle modules meet all safety requirements. The needle  head with micro needles withdraws into the module when it is not connected to the hand attachment.The needle modules are fitted with a safety membrane to prevent (body) fluids from passing from the module nto the hand attachment causing possible cross contamination. All needle modules are packaged individually in a Class C (EU standard) clean room.
The 18 point facial needle module is made of polycarbonate a  strong, tough material used in engireering for strength and durability.
Designed for treating the facial zone , the needle and puncture depth  measure 0.5 mm in length and can be increased or decreased from 0.3 / 0.5 mm into the skin as required. Designed to enable reaching beyond the barrier layer into the top-most layer of the dermis, the head has a slightly curved shape so that all points penetrate into the skin from the surface to the same depth. In other words, the points in the center of the head penetrate equally deep into the skin as do the points along the outer edge of the head.
The head also features a Flex Head System, as a result of which it adjusts itself to the skin’s surface, even if you do not apply the hand piece perpendicular to the skin. This selfcorrecting system ensures a completely even treatment of the skin as with the 18-point. module . Set the depth and the speed, depending on the skin zone to be treated.. The outer ring forms a protective barrier allowing  the techician to skirt directly along the eye area  
Sold in Box of 10 Sterilized Modules
Needle Modules are sold in a box 10 sterilized packages for single use procedures.