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What You Should Know - Cross Contamination

The Proper Methods
Our training course covers all invasive procedures and debunks many myths about proper sterilization. All our graduates learn that alcohol and boiling instruments are not effective sterilization techniques. Glass bead sterilizers, which are still in use today, do not kill all potentially harmful microorganisms. When an object is properly sterilized no microbiological life forms remain alive. To avoid cross contamination, needles come in pre-sterilized individual pouches and are used in a procedure one time only.
In this day and age, sterilization is vital to any training course in permanent makeup procedures. The Micro-Pigmentation Centre is a strong advocate, leading the way in the industry and devoting a lot of time and effort to promote what they feel should be a mandatory requirement in the non medical field. Our training courses strongly emphasize the necessity of safe, hygienic and sterile procedures.
Our school and our courses maintain the strict Standards and Guidelines set forth by both Health Canada and the Centre for Disease Control & Prevention in Atlanta. Our graduates are all thoroughly prepared and trained in the life and death potential of this very serious issue.
The Role of Nouveau Contour Technology in Sterilization
Nouveau Contour, the Intelligent Machine and the Digital 1000 are the latest in machine technology. In order to address concerns regarding sterilization and protection against fluid contamination, Nouveau Contour has incorporated a special needle design into the design of these computerized machines so that no fluids can seep back through the stem. The Nouveau Contour Cartridge System offers the first integrated safety feature of its kind. The needle and needle tube are integrated in one sterile, disposable cartridge. Internal diaphragms halt and prevent fluid and airborne contaminants from entering the hand piece, which is completely independent of the disposable cartridge. The engineering achievement virtually eliminates the risk of cross contamination.
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