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The Slope Needle Class
The Slope Needle has a unique design that with proper training has the capability of providing realistic simulated hair strokes that appear to be actually growing out of the skin. The Micro-Pigmentation Centre, Inc. is constantly pro-active in introducing the latest products and workshops to advance the knowledge and income of technicians and graduates in the Permanent Make-Up industry.
This advanced workshop utilizes models supplied by the school for each student for hands on training. A complete, professionally created PowerPoint presentation outlines photographic case studies and technical examples of procedures and outcomes. A Manual, all supplies, and forms are supplied as part of the training course and a buffet lunch is included. Diploma and certification will be presented upon completion. The slope needle simulates extremely fine, wispy hair strokes giving a realistic look.This course also teaches how to provide perfect symmetry of eyebrows with a natural look versus “colored in” template shapes In any field of endeavor, in any profession, in any industry, the cream of the crop always rise to the top. It doesn’t just happen naturally, the good ones work at it and become “stars” through upgrading their skills through advanced training and education and honing their craft.
Rise above the rest…invest in your education!
Invest in yourself…invest in education!
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