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Tattoo removal and lightening up until recently had proven to be a cure far worse than having the unwanted tattoo. Various processes for removal were performed ranging from surgical procedures, to deep microdermabrasion and even skin grafting, all leaving unsightly scars to replace the tattoo.
The next step came removal attempts using the crude technology of the initial laser machines and once again leaving the same scarring effects. As laser technology improved, as well as the expertise of the technicians, operators became more efficient and had minimal, and in cases, no scarring effects. This was a more positive progression but unfortunately lasers do not complete the job as they still lack the ability to remove certain colors.
EliminInkTM is a tattoo removal product that is not color specific, meaning that it removes all colors equally, with amazing results. Rather than breaking up the pigment molecules and flushing them through the lymph nodes using a laser, a tattoo machine is used to place EliminInkTM into the tattoo which bonds with the pigment. When the crust that forms from a healing wound naturally exfoliates or falls off, it takes a portion of the tattoo with it, without going through the body. Depending on the size of the tattoo or permanent makeup, the removal process can take any number of sessions in order to complete the removal similar to using laser technology.
The EliminInkTM product has a built in scar inhibitor and with the proper training, a technician can remove the tattoo without scarring. To aid in the recovery of the tissue, a secondary product, DermRenuTM, is applied once the crust has fallen off and the skin surface is smooth and shinny.
This product is applied generously until the skin is completely healed.
From a permanent makeup technician’s view point, this product and procedure opens a whole new revenue stream for your business in being able to remove unwanted body tattoos or certain permanent makeup procedures that were incorrectly done. This is an exciting breakthrough for our industry in that it introduces a fresh clientele to our technicians who would never otherwise have been accessed.
Invest in yourself…invest in education!
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