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In 2004 the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals, ( S.P.C.P.) a U.S. based, North American association, contracted with Canada’s Micro-Pigmentation Centre Inc. to develop a program that would educate their membership on cosmetic tattoo pigment colors. The mandate given was to dispel the myths associated with pigments and set the record straight on iron oxides, organic and inorganic colors as well as other misinformation that came with lack of knowledge.
What ensued was “ Color through the Skin” a sold out, hands on work shop and interactive Power Point presentation, designed and orchestrated to impress and educate even the most knowledgeable of technicians, tutor the newer members in the industry and ensure that everyone left with new, practical hands-on working knowledge and expertise.
The program was met with such high acceptance and acclaim that it evolved into a specialized workshop for seasoned technicians and has since been held across the country from Toronto, On to Vancouver, B.C. with an “Encore” presentation for the S.P.C.P. at their 2006 Fall Convention.
It is held annually each October to sold out classes. In February 2013 a French version was introduced in Montréal, Québec.
The Micro-Pigmentation Centre has been manufacturing its “Signature Series” line of quality pigments since 1990 and distributes to over 35 countries. While there are many training schools on the market that teach the fundamentals of cosmetic tattooing and some that touch on color blending, there are few that have the ability to offer a totally rounded education curriculum that encompasses not only permanent make-up techniques, blood borne pathogen education, client interface and liability protection knowledge, but also a comprehensive color management education that only comes with knowledge derived from years of pigment manufacturing, research, experimentation, consultation and trial and error.
Each class is limited to 30 students and booking is on a “first come, first serve” basis and the course fills up quickly. Registration and a continental breakfast kick off the program followed by an interactive power point presentation and discussion environment. A full lunch buffet and coffee breaks are served and all manuals and books are included in the fee. Color through the SkinTM teaches the difference between just working with color to truly understanding their properties and how and why they interact in the skin. The course teaches how to prevent and how to correct changing colors in the skin such as red eyebrows and blue eyeliner. It is a must for the serious technician.
Invest in yourself…invest in education!
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