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Blue Brow Harmonizer
Price: $27.00
Blue Brow Eyeliner Harmonizer. This pumpkin color is the perfect answer to an eyeliner or brow gone blue. With a 20 year track record is guaranteed to result into a soft brown neutral tone. As a tip, if the existing tattoo is a smudgy blue, add Grey Gone to lighten and increase the yellow tones...
Blue Lip Harmonizer
Price: $27.00
Blue Lip Harmonizer. Tattooing lip pigment choices that are blended as burgundy, fuchsia, mahogany and plum formulations will always result into having a blue, grey, purple tone. Harmonizing this with Micro-Pigmentation Centre’s Blue Lip Harmonizer will harmonize into an appropriate color.
Grey Gone Brow Harmonizer
Price: $27.00
Grey Gone Brow Harmonizer is reputed as the drug/pill/cure for all those ash, grey brows. This warm iron oxide formulation can be used on its own over previously tattooed eyebrows, resulting in perfectly harmonized brows This unique formulation can also be used on virgin skin by adding a swizzle t...
Green Brow Harmonizer
Price: $27.00
Green Brow Harmonizer An iron oxide base used on healed green tone eyebrows that need harmonizing with a red base formula. This is not a color to be used on its own in virgin skin.
Red Brow Harmonizer
Price: $27.00
Red Brow Harmonizer is specially designed to correct pink, red, previously tattooed brows. This popular ash base formula is also recommended to add a swizzle to your procedure’s color choice
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