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Stem Cell Activator

The issue with most topical skin creams or moisturizers is their inability to get the product into the proper skin depth where it is effective. One of the many strong points of RG-Cell is their delivery method to be able to work from the inside out versus as a surface cream.
Using their patented double-layered Nano-Encapsulation Technology, RG-Cell has effectively improved delivery into the dermal layers of the skin unlike ever before. The recently patented technology guarantees that the cosmeceutical penetrates deeply into the skin, reaching the basal layer where the stem cells reside which is ideal for home care application.
"The formula awakens dormant stem cells, teaching them new tricks on how to differentiate, proliferate and migrate to areas of imperfect and aging skin,” says founder Dr. Luiza Petre. "By stimulating fibroblast production of collagen, skin’s firmness and elasticity increases while the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles are reduced for smoother, radiant and more youthful-looking skin.”
Numerous studies have shown RG-Cell's carefully selected ingredients to be both safe and effective. No other product on the market uses a naturally derived combination of ingredients that is scientifically proven to support RG-Cell’s claims.
Used for homecare application, the RG-Cell serum can be applied morning or night once to twice daily. Once a day is enough for continual use unless there are problem areas like scars or injured skin that needs accelerated healing in which case twice a day application is recommended. With once a day usage, a bottle lasts approximately 30 days.
The RG-Cell Skin Booster is applied in salons by a licensed esthetician. The high tech product of stem cell micro environment technology repairs DNA, rejuvenates aged dormant stem cells and mitigates young and healthy skin cells to replace old cells lost during cellular turnover. It evenly distributes the product and guarantees that the deepest layers of skin are reached.
Micro-Pigmentation Centre, Inc is pleased to welcome TimeSlip Solution LLC. as a premium partner and looks forward to a long and fruitful association.
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